Auditing - 9 Audit Reports Main Readings c Código do...

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SUMMARY SYLLABUS SUMMARY SYLLABUS SUMMARY SYLLABUS SUMMARY SYLLABUS Auditing Academic Year 2010-2011 Instructor: Ricardo Pinheiro 4th Trimester Course Objectives This course allows for an introduction to financial audit and develops the most relevant contents of the conceptual structure, principles, technical standards and procedures. It also allows a better understanding of the procedures to be adopted and responsibilities assumed within the auditing profession. The presentation and exemplification of the main technical standards and methods of financial audit allow students to complement their competencies and knowledge about firms processes and reporting and to improve an independent and external vision about a firm structure, organization and performance. Course Description 1 Introduction to Financial Audit 2 The Auditing Profession 3 Auditing Standards 4 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 5 Management Report and Accounts 6 Audit Planning and Documentation 7 Internal Control 8 Audit Procedures
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Unformatted text preview: 9 Audit Reports Main Readings c Código do Imposto sobre o Rendimento das Pessoas Colectivas c Código das Sociedades Comerciais c International Financial Reporting Standards c Ordem dos Revisores Oficiais de Contas – Manual do Revisor Oficial e Contas c Sistema de Normalização Contabilística c COSTA, Carlos Baptista da – Auditoria Financeira – Teoria e Prática, Editora Rei dos Livros c COSTA, Carlos Baptista da, ALVES, Gabriel Correia – Casos Práticos de Auditoria Financeira, Editora Rei dos Livros c BOYNTON, William C., KELL, Walter G. – Modern Auditing – John Wiley c O’REILLY, Vincent M., WINOGRAD, Barry N., GERSON, James S., Henry R., Montgomery’s Auditing – John Wiley & Sons. INC. c ARENS, Alvin A., ELDER, Randal J., BEASLEY, Mark S. – Auditing and Assurance Services – An Integrated Approach – PEARSON Prentice Hall. Grading c Class participation and group small assignments: 10% c Mid-term exam: 45% c Final exam or assignment: 45%...
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Auditing - 9 Audit Reports Main Readings c Código do...

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