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Book Pages to Study - 4 Phillips Curve p.694 695(Chapter 32...

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Tutorial 1/Lectures 1 1. Introducing Economics      – (Chapter1 p.4-8) o What is Economics o The 3 Economic Problems o Micro- and Macro-Economics 2. Role of the Government      – (Chapter2 p.35-40) Tutorials 2-3/Lectures2-4  (Macroeconomic Map + Macroeconomic Objectives Conflicts) 1. Macroeconomic Objectives p.416-422 (Chapter 20) 2. Demand-pull and cost-push Inflation  p.691-692 (Chapter 32) 3. Stagflation  p.426(Chapter 20)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Phillips Curve p.694- 695 (Chapter 32) 5. Business Cycles (fluctuations) p.477-479 (Chapter 23) Tutorial 4/Lecture 5 (Gross Domestic Product): 1. Chapter 21 (p.434-445) o Components of GDP o Measuring Approaches of GDP o Nominal vs. Real GDP o GDP vs. GNP 2. Chapter 20 (p.416) o Potential vs. Actual GDP Lecture 6 (AS and AD) o Chapter 20...
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