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Sheet 2 - Ramadan and in UPPER EGYPT 8 E-government program...

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Introduction to Macroeconomics Spring 2011 Tutorial Sheet Two The Macroeconomic Map Question one: Which of the following factors are external/ internal for the Egyptian Economy and identify whether it is an economic/non economic and whether it will have a positive or a negative impact on the economy: 1. The earthquake that unexpectedly hit Japan Last Week. 2. The WTO impact on the decision of Egypt to reduce Tariffs on cars as first step to abolish the system. 3. Enabling private universities to be opened in Egypt. 4. The Iraqi war effect on the Egyptian economy. 5. The OPEC has announced an increase in the price of oil from $27 to $55. 6. Exchange rate floating in 2002 on Egyptian economy. 7. Tax exemption laws in new cities in Egypt such as 6th of October and 10th of
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Unformatted text preview: Ramadan and in UPPER EGYPT. 8. E-government program in Egypt, which improves the citizens’ ability to finish their paperwork ASAP which is regarded as institutional improvement. 9. The increase of interest rates by the Egyptian Banks. 10. The Ministry of Finance announces paying insurances for who’s acquired loses during 25 th of January revolution. 11. Low security situation in Egypt. 12. The civil war or revolution in Egypt now. Question Two : According to the macroeconomic map, if Egypt is facing a recession, state the area of interference (what the policy makers will do?). And classify the policies according to time (short, medium or long)....
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