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INSY 402 Tutorial # 2

INSY 402 Tutorial # 2 - Provide a report with the snapshots...

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Information Systems II (INSY 402)   Participation Assignment # 1 Group Assignment Requirements
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Participation activity #2 Enter Resources Assign resource types and rates Assign Resources to tasks Enter estimated work per person
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Presentation & Report Requirements Due Week 5 ( 26/3 till 31/3) In  labs  you will  present  and  explain  your work – During the timings of your  tutorials.   Provide a 
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Unformatted text preview: Provide a report with the snapshots of the work you created using MS Project Gantt Chart Resource Graphs Network Diagram Critical Path Use the “Cover Page” Template is in the Assignment Folder for your Report Note: It is not allowed to use the contents provided in the templates of MS Project ....
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