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Criteria for the article review

Criteria for the article review - 4 Evaluation a Strengths...

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                                Criteria for the article review Format: in essay form. No copying.  Ideas should be  paraphrased or else you will get a Zero Length:  ranging from 1 to 2 typed pages.  Components:  1. Introduction:   a) Research problem and/or purpose                            b) Research question and/or hypothesis  2.  Method:         a) Design: Quantitative or qualitative        Confirmatory / exploratory         Applied / basic                            b) Sample or participants: a description of  size & characteristics c) Instruments                           d) Procedures               3.  Results & discussion: a) State the results and their statistical  significance (p-value) b) Practical implications
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Evaluation: a) Strengths of the study b) Weaknesses of the study: • a researcher claims that the p-value of .06 or higher is acceptable • a small sample is used without a rationale being given and without this being mentioned as a limitation. • Generalizations cannot be drawn from the study because of limitations the researcher mentions. • Grading: 1. The first 3 sections are worth 8 points with 1 point given for each item. 2. Students' evaluation will be graded out of 2 with a scale that begins with 0 no evaluation, .5 poor, 1 weak, 1.5 acceptable and 2 strong. 3. Linguistic and/or typing errors: no grades will be taken off for the first 5 errors but then 1 grade will be deducted for every 4 errors....
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  • Mohamed
  • researcher, researcher mentions, exploratory         Applied, limitation.   • Generalizations, Zero Length

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