Evaluating a research study

Evaluating a research study - characteristics(fails to...

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Evaluating a research study well written  article should include: A title that reflects the purpose of the research and that includes the variables being  examined. An introduction that includes a purpose plus research question and/or hypothesis.  (If a  research question and a hypothesis are not mentioned students have to write one in their  summary of the study). Also a mini literature review should be present so as to provide a  rationale for the study being done. Operational definition of variables is provided. problematic research design  could include those areas: Research questions or hypotheses that are not answered. Variables that are not operationally defined (which make it hard for readers to determine  whether the instruments were appropriate for the experiment.) Sample: size (too small to be representative especially in quantitative studies), 
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Unformatted text preview: characteristics (fails to mention characteristics that are relevant to the variables being tested) and rationale for selection (convenience rather than random). • Procedure is not clear. • Statistical significance: if the researcher claims that results more than .05 are statistically significant. If the result is statistically not significant this is not a weakness but shows that the variables being examined have no effect on each other, • Instruments: items in an instrument are not testing what they should be testing, or the reliability of the instrument is not mentioned. • Practical implications are not mentioned. • Limitations: failure to mention limitations. • The limitations that the researcher mentions should not be considered weaknesses because he/she admits them...
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Evaluating a research study - characteristics(fails to...

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