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Evaluation Guidelines

Evaluation Guidelines - clear or vague that the study can...

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These are some guidelines to help in the evaluation of the study: o Title : Does it show the focus of the study and whether the article  is a primary or secondary source. o Introduction:  Does it have all the important components:  significance of the study or why the study was conducted; any  theory behind the topic studied; definition of key terms; research  questions/hypotheses. o Method:  o Is a detailed description of the  sample  given or is the description  too brief? Does the researcher mention how the sample is  selected and why?  o Is the  procedure
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Unformatted text preview: clear or vague that the study can not be replicated? Are the variables clearly identified and defined? o Is the reliability of instruments mentioned? o Results: Does the researcher claim that a p-value of .06 or higher is acceptable? o Discussion : Are the results interpreted in light of the research questions or hypotheses? Does the researcher relate the findings of his study to previous research? Are suggestions for further research given? Are limitations or strengths given? Are practical implications given?...
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  • Spring '11
  • Mohamed
  • important components, researcher mention, researcher claim, secondary source., questions/hypotheses. o Method

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