RPW Summer & salma

RPW Summer & salma - Basic Applied Qualitative...

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Research Read Preliminary Sources Primary Sources Secondary Sources (First Hand Research) Literature Reviews Books Gap Purpose Position papers constructs The Effect of Music on Students Trance Performance What is the effect of Trance Music on Students' performance? (Research question) variables Independent variable Dependent variable A Research can be Emperical Non-emperical (has an experiment) (no experiment) Exploratory Confirmatory (has a research question) (has a hypothesis)
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Unformatted text preview: Basic Applied Qualitative Quantitative A Research has Methodology Sample procedures Instruments size longitudinal interviews gender Cross-sectional questionnaires Triangulation social background tests demographics should be Selection reliable Convenient valid Random Results Analysis of results must be related to the research question What is P-value ? Probability of error If less than 0.05 then it's reliable If more than 0.05 then it's not...
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RPW Summer & salma - Basic Applied Qualitative...

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