American Race Relation

American Race Relation - American Race Relation...

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American Race Relation Polarization: Racial issue Polarization is not race neutral, that it involves more, which is why they demonstrated racial order in the articles Groups fighting against each other against racial issue also know as racial order o Durable alliance. o Seek political advances for pivotal o 1789-1865 (pro slavery supremist vs. anti slavery) o 1896-1984 ( Jim crow segregation law ) Pro segregation vs. anti segregation law Jim Crow era: Plessey vs. Ferguson. Brown vs. Board of education. Color blind (race should not be an issue, equality treated) and racial equality people ( special treatment towards race o Affirmative action, majority minority redistricting o King writes in his article that, institution does matter, legislation can affect the outcome of race just like it affects the outcome of businesses. o The minority Asian and Latino men are against affirmative action, but they are isolated group, so therefore they do not represent majority of the group o Has racial order been resolved? Majority Minority district Title VII. 1964 : creates equal opportunity EEOC responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job Civil rights act 1991 Amended title 7 of civil rights acct Allowed for more remedies in discrimination suits Changed the standards by which employees had to prove discrimination Response to S.C. Decisions in favor of employees rather than
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A voting district I which the majority of the constituents in the district are racial minorities Unholy Alliance ( the alliance that involves the alliance of the republicans and democrats) Majority minority redistricting is made to benefit minority not republicans, who obviously are not minority. Conclusion Policy conflicts: the way racial issue was in the past era doesn’t mean that its going to remain the same, it changes over time. How have they contended on majority-minority districts? Why? What action taken? Who did it benefit? What did the other side do about it? The article is all about racial issue, not just economic and partisan purposes However it cannot be explained without adding governmental structures and policy processes” Sears: What drives white attitudes on racial policy and political candidates? Is it racism? What kind? What does literature say o Race matter or doesn’t matter o Racism does contribute to policy and candidate preference o Racism isn’t as important anymore as political ideology o The power of racism as a policy of attitude Symbolic racism o Ideals, socialization (personal responsibility ) (social code) o Going to have the strongest effect o The older type is less socially acceptable Survey test? o
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American Race Relation - American Race Relation...

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