Reflection on Individual Differences

Reflection on Individual Differences - Reflection on...

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Reflection on Individual Differences When we first started this course I didn’t know much about negotiation. Nor did I know when or where or how to negotiate. It didn’t even cross my mind that there may be differences in how each gender negotiates. I was aware, however that women typically were at a disadvantage. Also, statistically it has always been proven that women receive less pay than men in the workplace. There has been much debate over how more men have higher raked jobs than women do. My view has always been that historically men have held these positions and it has only been recent that women have gained more power and have begun working in these positions rather than being the traditional stay-at-home mom/wife. Thus, it would take more time for there to perhaps be an equal proportion of male and female executives of large companies. After reading the article Women Don’t Ask, this all made more sense. The fact that women simple don’t ask for more pay or limit themselves in their positions came as very interesting to me. It is understandable that these surveys are probably not 100% accurate since it is more of a generalization, but the results are pretty convincing. Overall despite the general gender differences in negotiation, the situation at hand will always matter more since such differences may be elusive in different situations. Negotiating is something that has to be learned and will take time and practice as
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Reflection on Individual Differences - Reflection on...

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