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Michael Greco March 29 th , 2011 IB-101-C Assignment #4: The European Union (EU) was formed after WWII in order to create peace between neighboring countries. The European Coal and Steal Community was the first attempt to unite Europeans and was made up of six founding countries; Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Countries that had once fought each other were now joined under a common higher authority. The Treaty of Rome signed in 1958 started the European Economic Community, and joined these countries together. This was the start of the now EU, and success in uniting the continent. The EU has been very successful for the most part. It has done a great job of bringing European countries together, and now has 27 members. The progress it has made over the years
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Unformatted text preview: is very significant. For instance, in 1981 with the entrance of Greece, Spain, and Portugal, the community’s presence in Southern Europe was strengthened. One of the EU’s biggest successes is the encouragement of German unification after the fall of the Berlin Wall and its entrance to the community. Also, with the fall of Soviet Union, the community sought out to acquire the formally communist central and eastern European countries to join, and was agreed upon through the Copenhagen criteria which define whether a country is eligible to join. In 1999 the Euro was introduced and became a major world currency for payments and reserves right next to the U.S. Dollar. Twelve European countries now use this as their form of currency....
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