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zippo - specialty They tried making tape measures key...

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Zippo Preps for a Post-Smoker World By JAMES R. HAGERTY For 78 years, Zippo Manufacturing Co. has been known for its "windproof" cigarette lighters. Now Zippo has to be prepared for a world that opposes smoking. They are now launching their first cologne line for men that is claimed to be “woody” and “spicy”. Zippo hopes to reduce its dependency on smoking-related items as governments around the world deploy taxes and health warnings against tobacco. In recent months, the family-owned company has stepped up its effort to diversify by launching the fragrance and other Zippo-branded products, such as casual clothing, watches and camping supplies. Stretching a brand to fit different merchandise is very hard to do according to Allen Adamson, managing director at the branding consultancy Landor Associates in New York. This is not the first time Zippo try to make product that is not its
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Unformatted text preview: specialty. They tried making tape measures, key holders and belt buckles in the late 60s and had to discontinue that after a short time. Zippo now gets about 60% of its sales outside the U.S. China, its biggest foreign market, accountings for about 10% of sales. This article teaches us an important lesson on being innovative to keep up with the trend. As the trend setter when it was first created, Zippo clearly understand that they dont own the market anymore. The only way to deal with this is to be innovative. They are also trying to stay within the men products market. This is an advantage for them since they have a good grip on how their target market is going to behave. I think that making Zippo-branded-cologne for men is a good idea. However, they should try to keep their brand image on this new brand of cologne in order to attract loyal customers....
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zippo - specialty They tried making tape measures key...

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