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MKT318-Marketing Tools and Analysis Data Analysis Assignment 4 Kid Speed, a bike equipment manufacturer, has recently developed a new bike model for toddlers and young children. They seek to determine an appropriate retail price. (Note, this is NOT their selling price but the price to the customer who buys the bike from a retailer.) Your assignment 1. Computations and answers for questions 1 through 10. Be sure to label everything  so it is clear what you are doing. It may be easier to do this as an Excel spreadsheet but that is NOT necessary. 2. After you complete your computations, for question 11, write a short clear memo to the “Kid Speed marketing team,” with your recommended retail price for Kid Speed. Use specific numbers from your answers to questions 1 through 9 (especially 6,7, and 10) to support your recommendation. There are 3 possible retail price options: $124.99, $99.99, and $74.99. At these suggested retail prices, the anticipated first-year demand would be 25,000,
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