anatomy - Nervous and Endocrine systems -coordinate the...

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Unformatted text preview: Nervous and Endocrine systems -coordinate the activities of the body systems Nervous system much faster - 1-2 msec - but effect does not last as long accounts for 3 percent of body weight most complex system relies on electrical events that occur at great speed Functions of the nervous system 1) monitor internal and external environment 2) integrate sensory information 3) coordinate voluntary and involuntary responses of many other organ systems Two major divisions 1) central nervous system - brain and spinal cord integrates and coordinates sensory data motor commands seat of higher functions - intelligence, memory, emotions 2) peripheral nervous system - all neural tissue outside CNS two parts a) afferent - carries sensory information to CNS b) efferent - motor commands to muscles and glands two divisions 1) somatic - skeletal muscle contractions 2) autonomic - automatic, involuntary regulation of smooth and cardiac muscle and glands sympathetic division parasympathetic division neuron - basic functional unit neuroglia - supporting cells - far out number neurons functions isolate neurons provide a supporting framework act as phagocytes regulate composition of interstitial fluids organs of nervous system include:-brain-spinal cord-sense organs many axons in CNS are covered by a multi-layered sheath composed of lipids and proteins- called myelin (myelinated) - speeds up action potentials neuron cell bodies in peripheral nervous system are clustered to form ganglia satellite cells surrounded cell bodies to isolate them from the surroundings axons are surrounded by Schwann cells to form a sheath...
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anatomy - Nervous and Endocrine systems -coordinate the...

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