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Chapter 6 New Terms and Concepts The following terms were introduced in this chapter. You should be able to define or describe each term and, where appropriate, describe how each term is related to other terms on the list. probability: Probability is defined as a proportion, a specific part out of the whole set of possibilities. proportion: A part of the whole usually expressed as a fraction. random sample: A sample obtained using a process that gives every individual an equal chance of being selected and keeps the probability of being selected constant over a series of selections.
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Unformatted text preview: sample with replacement: A sampling technique that returns the current selection to the population before the next selection is made. A required part of random sampling. normal distribution: A symmetrical, bell-shaped distribution with proportions corresponding to those listed in the unit normal table. unit normal table: A table listing proportions corresponding to each z-score location in a normal distribution....
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