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chap 7 terms

chap 7 terms - distribution of sample means is an example...

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Chapter 7 New Terms and Concepts The following terms were introduced in this chapter. You should be able to define or describe each term and, where appropriate, describe how each term is related to other terms on the list. distribution of sample means: The set of sample means from all the possible random samples for a specific sample size (n) from a specific population. sampling distribution: A distribution of statistics (as opposed to a distribution of scores). The
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Unformatted text preview: distribution of sample means is an example of a sampling distribution. expected value of M: The mean of the distribution of sample means. The average of the M values. standard error of M: The standard deviation of the distribution of sample means. The standard distance between a sample mean and the population mean. the central limit theorem: A mathematical theorem that specifies the characteristics of the distribution of sample means....
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