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Chapter 11 New Terms and Concepts The following terms were introduced in this chapter. You should be able to define or describe each term and, where appropriate, describe how each term is related to other terms on the list. repeated-measures design: A research study where the same sample of individuals is measured in all of the treatment conditions. matched-samples design: A research study where the individuals in one sample are matched one-to-one with the individuals in a second sample. The matching is based on a variable considered relevant to the study. related-samples t statistic: The single sample t statistic applied to a sample of difference scores
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Unformatted text preview: (D values) and the corresponding population of difference scores. difference scores: The difference between two measurements obtained for a single subject. D = X2 X1 estimated standard error of MD: An estimate of the standard distance between a sample mean difference MD and the population mean difference D. individual differences: The naturally occurring differences from one individual to another that may cause the individuals to have different scores. order effects: The effects of participating in one treatment that may influence the scores in the following treatment....
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