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Theatre appreciation 2/9/11 This lecture talked about Actors in real world Attributes required to be successful are 1. Passion 2. Commitment 3. Empathy 4. Tenacity 5. Fortitude 6. Determination Every actor should also have Talent and Chutzpah Chutzpah mean stubborn Actors equity Association – union of actors 80% of the members are unemployed 2 things needed to hire are – Resume and Headshot Theatrical Resume / Special skills / illegal things to not hire
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Unformatted text preview: is physical description / age and ethnicity does not have to be exact • Headshot – you want to look like you. ♦ Table work :early in rehearsal, read thorough ♦ Blocking : movement the director gives you ♦ Off book: memorized lines ♦ Monologue: 2-3 min prepared text to someone ♦ Soliloque: decision, to be or to not be, “ inner thought” ♦ Sides- portions of the play ♦ Being prepared: ♦ Cold reading – reading w/o preparation...
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