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Theatre appreciatio23 feb

Theatre appreciatio23 feb - Coming into the asylum – 1808...

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Theatre appreciation 2/23/11 Lecture discussion on Marat/Sade Copulation- if you are going to revolt, whats the point if you cant do what you want The insane people are making some of the more logical arguments Fictitious story, but Marat was really in the French revolution Marat suffered from eczema and hence he sat in the tub during the whole play. The play was such that there was a play w/in the play Written by Sade, higher ups don’t want people revolting.
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Unformatted text preview: Coming into the asylum – 1808 1793- play w/in the play. ’15 glorious years’ shows marat what he has missed Charollette cordet – did actually kill Marat in the third visit. Marat/Sade’s relationship is fictitious, they representewd diffetent sides Sade – individual, Marat – masses Music is in the play, it is narrative, using jarring techniques. Jarring techniques – when people talk in the microphone....
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