Theatre Appreciatio28th feb

Theatre Appreciatio28th feb - -1 st scenes are easy,...

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Theatre Appreciation 2/28 Credo – mizener – an ounce of behavior is worth a pound of words The Actors need 3 year of training 1 st year - Repetition exercise Your wearing a brown sweater, I am wearing a brown sweater - Organic shifts = naturally occurring - Ex: don’t yell or I like it when you smile like that. - Rule : when in doubt repeat - Independent activity : achieved w/ material. Eg find an activity and then its purpose - Emotional preparation- person not doing the activity who prepeares to feel something. o Anger is usually first. o Learning how to be spontaneous 2 nd year - Introduction of the script,
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Unformatted text preview: -1 st scenes are easy, practice in public but do not call attention for yourself. -Actor learn to be natural, -Scenes become more complex -Do scenes as an character, someone other than you. Mancusos craft: 1 st part: if he knew someone harmed his children Add that person laughing/got away How actor arrives at POV foreign to them. Character dialogues THE OLDEST STUDENT WAS 93 YEARS OLD. 3 rd year style-Style- individualization of the art form, Subtext(inner meaning) -Anyone can remember the lines. Why be an actor, have your style? George Bernard Shaw-...
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Theatre Appreciatio28th feb - -1 st scenes are easy,...

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