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THEATRE APPRECIATION 7thapril - 4 Given Circumstances You...

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THEATRE APPRECIATION 4/6/11 Director – more responsibilities – mood, style, idea, tempo Mood- feeling or emotion generated from the clash of forces in dramatic action. Tone of the play – is the overall impact of the play, cumulative impact of the whole play. Tempo – changing rates or beats of the dramatic action. Actor is responsible to the text and how it’s interpreted. Triangle – in 4 parts top to bottom 1. Idea 2. Characters 3. Drama Action
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Given Circumstances You go from 4 – 2 and then u have an idea. Hamlet Obvious fact 1. Very start of the play Act1 scene 1 2. Unfold yourself , rivals of my watch 3. Bitter cold – its midnight and he is very cold 4. Sick at heart – upset 5. There are two guards- the king hires loyal, brave kind of people as his guards. 6. The two guards are afraid not of the ghost, but what their appearance means to them. 7....
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