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ROGERS STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Business Production/Operation Management- Online- Spring 2011 MGMT-3413R, zap 2527 I. Instruction A. Instructor: Massood Saffarian, Ph.D. 1. Office: HH 248 2. Office Hours: MTWR-2:00-4:00 and by appointment 3. Phone: Office: 918/343-7969 4. Cell: 405-410-5145 (for emergency cases only) 5. E-mail: Office: [email protected] 6. E-mail: [email protected] 7. FAX: Department Office: 918-343-7623 8. WebCT: http://webct.rsu.edu . Important : Check Announcement and Discussion Tools section of e-campus (ANGEL) and your email address regularly and every day. I will post new announcements on these sections of ANGEL to communicate with you. 2. Course Description – MGMT-3413 : A study of the principles and practices related to production and operations in both manufacturing and service firms. This course includes: project decisions, process and project planning, work measurement, facility location, facility layout, scheduling, and inventory control. Pre: Acct 2103, ACCT 2203, ECON 2123, BADM 2843, and BADM3113. 3. Text Operations Management, 10th Edition, William J. Stevenson. ISBN# 13:978-0-07-337784-1 4. Teaching Methods – Online. 5. STUDENT CONDUCT Plagiarism Plagiarism is representing someone else’s ideas or work as your own ideas or work. To avoid plagiarism when using someone else’s data, arguments, designs, words, ideas, projects, etc., you must make it clear that the work originated with someone else by citing the source. Otherwise if citing sources is not appropriate, such as for an exam, you must do your own work and not cheat. Academic Misconduct
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Students are expected to follow university policies as put forth in the institution's Student Code of Responsibilities and Conduct . In accordance with Title 12 of The Student Code (page 11), instances of alleged academic misconduct will follow the policies and procedures as described in Title 12. As a general rule, Faculty at Rogers State University have the responsibility of enforcing the academic code. Therefore, if academic misconduct is suspected, I will submit a letter of alleged academic misconduct to the Office of Student Affairs. Non-academic Misconduct
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