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Unformatted text preview: Create assignment, 00224, Homework 10, Apr 20 at 8:24 pm 1 This print-out should have 28 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – find all choices before answering. The due time is Central time. AP B 1998 MC 50 A 36:02, trigonometry, multiple choice, < 1 min, fixed. 001 An object, slanted at an angle of 45 ◦ , is placed in front of a vertical plane mirror, as shown. Mirror Which of the following shows the appar- ent position and orientation of the object’s image? 1. image correct 2. image 3. image 4. image 5. image 6. image 7. image 8. image Explanation: For a plane mirror, the line connecting a point of the object and the corresponding point of the image is perpendicular to the mirror, and corresponding distances from the points to the mirror are the same. Thus, the image should be image object keywords: Hewitt CP9 28 E12 36:02, highSchool, multiple choice, < 1 min, fixed. 002 What must be the minimum length of a plane mirror in order for you to see a full view of yourself? 1. One fourth of your height 2. Half of your height correct 3. Twice of your height 4. One third of your height Explanation: The light from your feet that reaches your eyes via the mirror strikes the mirror halfway between your feet and your eyes. Then its angle of incidence (from your feet) equals the angle of reflection (to your eyes). Likewise, Create assignment, 00224, Homework 10, Apr 20 at 8:24 pm 2 light from the top of your head strikes the mirror halfway down to your eyes to reflect at the same angle to reach your eyes. Thus a mirror need only be half your height (and width). keywords: Hewitt CP9 28 P03 36:02, highSchool, numeric, < 1 min, normal. 003 If you take a photograph of your image in a plane mirror, how many meters away should you set your focus if you are 2 m in front of the mirror? Correct answer: 4 m. Explanation: Set your focus for 4 m; your image will be as far behind the mirror as you are in front. keywords: Concave Mirror 01 36:03, trigonometry, numeric, < 1 min, nor- mal. 004 An object is p = 30 cm in front of a concave mirror. Its real image height is 4 times larger than the object height. p h What is the location of the image? Correct answer: 120 cm. Explanation: 1 p + 1 q = 1 f = 2 R m = h h =- q p Concave Mirror f > ∞ > p > f f < q < ∞ > m >-∞ f > p >-∞ < q < ∞ > m > 1 Let : M =- 4 and p = 30 cm ....
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2-10 - Create assignment 00224 Homework 10 Apr 20 at 8:24...

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