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35. In a model ac generator, a 500-turn rectangular coil, 8.0 cm by 20 cm, rotates at 120 rev/min in a uniform magnetic field of 0.60 T. (a) What is the maximum emf induced in the coil? (b) What is the instantaneous value of the emf in the coil at t = ( π /32) s? Assume that the emf is zero at t = 0. (c) What is the smallest value of t for which the emf will have its maximum value? Solution When a coil rotates in a uniform magnetic field, the emf induced in that coil is given by E = () NBA t ωω sin . Here, N is the number of turns on the coil, B is the magnitude of the magnetic field, A is the area enclosed by the coil, and ω is the angular frequency of the coil. (a) The angular frequency of the coil is = = 120 21 4 rev min rad 1 rev
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