Advanced American History Chapter 2 Study Guide

Advanced American History Chapter 2 Study Guide - ADVANCED...

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ADVANCED AMERICAN HISTORY CHAPTER TWO TRANSPLANTATIONS AND BORDERLANDS Objectives A thorough study of Chapter 2 should enable the student to understand 1. The differences between the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies in terms of objectives, types of settlers, early problems, and reasons for success. 2. How the lives of the colonists and Indians were shaped and transformed through biological and cultural exchange. 3. How the lives of colonists were shaped by contact with Native Americans and how the Indians' world was also transformed. 4. The causes and significance of Bacon's Rebellion. 5. The background of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and its founders, the Puritans. 6. The conditions in Puritan Massachusetts Bay that spawned such dissenters as Robert Williams and Anne Hutchinson. 7. The expansion of the original settlements and the influence of the New World frontier on the colonists. 8. The significance of the Caribbean colonies in the British-American colonial system. 9. How the Spanish colonies in the Caribbean and in North America continued to flourish and the impact this had on the British-American colonial system. 10. The efforts made by the Dutch to establish a colony, and the reasons for their failure. 11. The reasons for the founding of each of the original thirteen colonies. 12. The early economic, religious, and political factors in the colonies that tended to produce sectional differences. 13. The effect of the Glorious Revolution on the development of the American colonies.
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Advanced American History Chapter 2 Study Guide - ADVANCED...

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