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Paraphrasing Excercise - Izzo 1 Matthew Izzo Mr Tipmore...

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Izzo 1 Matthew Izzo Mr. Tipmore English 101 24 October, 2010 Paraphrasing Exercise 1. Paraphrase: The earth is a very fragile planet, balancing out naturally the temperatures throughout the seasons. The sun provides the heat, while the north and south poles provide the cold. However, the human race is threatening the balance of Mother Nature by disturbing the process in which the earth cools and warms itself. Summary: Jacques Cousteau talks about how the heat of the planet Earth comes from the sun, just as the cold comes from the Antarctic. The flow of the waters mix within themselves: the warms water flow to the Antarctic, and the colder waters flow to the tropical areas. The human activity, however, is threatening this already fragile process. 2. Paraphrase: Bike helmets are the best way to increase the safety of riding a bicycle. Children are the ones killed the most, possibly because they are so susceptible to injury. If helmets are worn, it will have a better possibility of saving people’s lives. Summary: According to Consumer Reports, over 1,000 people die of bicycle related deaths each
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Paraphrasing Excercise - Izzo 1 Matthew Izzo Mr Tipmore...

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