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Unformatted text preview: Lecture #11 9/22/2010 Today’s Class PCA, Programmable Counter Array and Crossbar Homework #8 due today (sections 1 & 2) Worksheet 7 on Crossbar, XBR0 Today’s Class Exam 1 – Part I LMS – in class, 90 minutes, no lab work until everyone done Alternate seating, front and back tabletops Open book, open notes, no sharing, no other apps open book open notes no sharing no other apps open Password: __________ Tuesday evening, 7-8:30pm, October 5, 75, 90 minutes, S1- SAGE 4101, S2- LOW 4050, S3- EATON 214, S1S2S3S4S4- RCKTTS 203 (unless you are told otherwise) Problems & Coding – pencil and paper Conflicts Conflicts – e-mail Mark: [email protected] mail Mark: [email protected] What is the conflict? Can you start late? (There will be a late start group.) Exam 1 – Part II Continue work on Lab 3-1 work on Lab Game report due after first exam, see LITEC Calendar on LMS 9/22/2010 Lecture #11 - Blimp 2 Finish Lab 2, start Lab 3 and Worksheet 7 when done – may work on just software until everyone is done with exam 9/22/2010 Lecture #11 - Blimp 3 1 ...
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