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37_printout - Lecture 37: DNA replica2on, con't....

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 37: DNA replica2on, con't. Lecture 37 (4/6/11) DNA replica2on con’t. Problems: SG p. 317, #1 (fill in row on Tus) Reiji Okazaki Wanted to look at nascent DNA or newly replicated DNA. He grew up E. coli culture, exposed cells to 3H ­thymidine for a short 2me (15 sec), lysed cells, extracted DNA and then analyzed the size of labeled DNA by alkaline sucrose gradients. Found labeled DNA fall into 2 size classes. a) very large  ­ 50% b) small DNA fragments of about 2000 nucleo2des  ­ 50% Less dense 3H cpm large dense 1000 ­2000 nuc Okazaki fragments 15 sec pulse 5 min chase S 1 Lecture 37: DNA replica2on, con't. 2 Lecture 37: DNA replica2on, con't. 3 Lecture 37: DNA replica2on, con't. 4 ...
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