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Communication and technology has evolved tremendously in the last ten years. The advent of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has changed the way information is shared and processed. I work in an emergency room and the hospital uses the EMR daily to treat patients. We have put a computer in every exam room and office allowing for the information to be updated and available during the exam. All of the physicians in the community can use the EMR in order to retrieve a patient’s records if they have been in the hospital for treatment. This technology has also helped the hospital with becoming a “paperless” campus. Telemedicine is a valuable asset to patients that are in rural areas within the United States and in developing countries, by allowing providers and patients the opportunity to communicate. I do not feel this is an ideal form of communication, however, in situations
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Unformatted text preview: where there are few options this is a solution. Medical facilities that are using video phones for patient consultations are another example of a solution to a less than ideal situation. I would not suggest that this should become the norm for patient care. Under certain circumstances this could be a useful tool. I would only advocate the use of video phones for patient consultations when is the best option for an immobile patient, not for a busy provider. Another example of this kind of communication in my work place is the use of a video robot that we take into a room with a patient that may be having a stroke. A Neurologist from another facility is able to see the patient and staff and help to assess what is actually going on with the patient and decide if the patient needs to be transferred for further treatment....
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