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threeday - of just grabbing whatever is convenient instead...

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According to the food pyramid website my milk and meat and bean intake was higher than the recommendations. My vegetables and fruit intake was lower than recommended and my grains where just about right on point. In a three day period I consumed six servings of meat, four servings of milk, one serving of vegetables as well as one serving of fruit, and four servings of grains. To be honest I was a little surprised by my results. I work third shift and my eat habits, along with everything else, are pretty spuratic. I kind of eat here and there and I do not really seem to actually sit down for a full meal unless it is on a day off. I think if I take the time to actually plan meals out instead of eat whatever is readily available it would help modify my diet to the recommended servings. I have a bad habit
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Unformatted text preview: of just grabbing whatever is convenient instead of what is healthy. I grab a lot of left overs out of the fridge and just warm them up and go. I also have a bad habit of running through the drive through because it is quick and easy. During the time that I was tracking what I was eating for three days I was actually on the go the whole time. Every “meal” I had was from a restaurant. Because of this, I was unable to look at any labels for the nutritional value of anything. I think that I need to add some more fruits and vegetables to my diet to become a little healthier. I can cut up nutrient rich foods such as broccoli, carrot sticks, apples and oranges and put them in the fridge so that I can grab them quickly instead of a small bag of chips or left overs....
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