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I chose to discuss the theory of Augustine on God and Time. The theory known as the ex nihilo theory, which means that God created the world out of nothing, raised numerous questions for Christian theology. One question that was raised was the question of why did God choose to create the world at the time that he did and not at another time? Augustine was able to provide a potential theory for this question. According to Augustine, God does not exist in time but that time began with the creation of the world by God. This led Augustine to question what exactly is time. Augustine stated that only the present exists because the past is no more and the future has not happened yet. He also states that things did happen in the past, and things will happen in the future, so both the past and the future are both real. This led him to the question, how can the past and the future be both real and nonexistent? Augustine came to answer this question by saying that the past and the future exist
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Unformatted text preview: only in the human mind. “The present of things past is memory; the present of things present is sight; and the present of things future is expectation.” Augustine came to the conclusion that time is a subjective phenomenon that only exists in the mind. Therefore, before God created us, there was no time. One of the strengths of Augustine’s argument is that he was able to ask the question how can the past and the future be real and nonexistent. By answering this question it gave him the logical argument that time did not exist before God created us. It is hard to argue that past, present, and future exist beyond the human mind. Because of this, the logic of the statement gives his argument strength. God could not have chosen to create the world at one time rather than another because time did not exist until there were humans. I believe that Augustine’s logic in answering these questions is what has given his theory a strong argument....
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