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I believe that of the Pre-Socratic philosophers Thales had some of the most compelling ideas. I say this because it was Thales that was actually the first Western philosopher. Without his thoughts and ideas people still may not think outside of the box to try to figure out the way things work or why things are the way they are. Thales was one of the first to introduce a nonmythological way of looking at the world. Thales came up with the idea that the basic substance was water. He believed that if there was a substance that existed that everything is made out of at some level it would have to be something that could appear in many forms. Because water can appear in three different
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Unformatted text preview: states that we know about he believed that maybe water could appear in forms that we do not understand. Today we know this is not true, but I believe for the time Thales was in this was a compelling argument. The way he thought about things also led others to start thinking “outside of the box” about other issues. I think that Thales deciding to start looking at things differently than others and accepting that there may be other explanations for the way the world works helped other philosophers to start thinking the same way....
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