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healthcommunication - we as humans are communicators that...

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Health Communication GG Baker March 30, 2011 HCA 230
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There are many components of Health Communication, such as, process, sensitivity, personal goals, interdependence, and sharing meaning. It is important to understand major components of Health Communication, otherwise conversations between two people may not be understood. The process of communication begins with an introduction, explanation, and is then followed up to make sure the opposite person in the conversation understands what has been communicated. Personal goals are also important in communication. In health care, doctors and nurses may have personal goals to keep from becoming stressed out and over worked. Patients that seek health care may have a personal goal to express the pain they may be experiencing. Interdependence is another important component of communication. No one person can communicate alone, which means that communicators are interdependent. Because
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Unformatted text preview: we as humans are communicators that means we are interdependent. We rely on each other and exert mutual influence on communication episodes. Many theorists consider the best communicators to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and expectations. This makes sensitivity important in communication as well. Being sensitive means looking and listening carefully to someone else’s problems or feelings. Shared meaning is the next part of communication which is a very simple part of the communication process. It is important to make sure both parties of the conversation share the same feelings about the conversation. This is important in health care so that everyone feels comfortable. Following all of these steps help make the communications process smoother for all parties involved in a health care environment....
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