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Dear Mr. Albert Camus, I would like to address your philosophy on if there is any reason not to commit suicide. You believe that people live their lives and die without ever seeing things as they really are. You believe that instead of seeing the “tragic nature of life,” that people waste their lives in “stupid self-confidence.” I would have to disagree with you and your theory. Who is to say that someone does not see things as they really are in life? You may disagree with the way someone may see things but who is to say that they are wrong with their view of the same situation. Everyone sees situations in life differently. What you
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Unformatted text preview: may find to be a terrible situation in life may be seen by another as a “bump in the road.” Just because they do not see it the way that you or someone else may does not mean that they are not seeing it as what it really is. To this person they are seeing it for what it really is. Everyone has their own perception of reality. It does not make it any less real for one person or another because they see it differently. So what you may see as a “tragic nature of life” may be seen by another as a “pleasant nature of life.” That does not mean they see things any less than what they really are than you do. Sincerely, GG Baker...
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