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MTX 221 – 2010 Chapter 4 Recommended Problems Some of these problems appear in the 7 th Edition of the prescribed textbook according to the indicated numbers. Some of these questions will be done in full during the tutor session Hoofstuk 4 Aanbeveelde Probleme Hierdie probleme verskyn ook in die 7 e uitgawe van die voorgeskrewe handbook volgens die aangeduide nommers. Sekere van hierdie vrae sal volledig in die oefenklas sessie gedoen word. 4.15 A piece of steel has a conductivity of k = 15 W/mK and a brick has k = 1 W/mK. How thick a steel wall will provide the same insulation as a 10 cm thick brick? 4.15 ‘n Stuk staal het ‘n termiese geleiding van k = 15 W/mK en baksteen het k = 1 W/mK. Hoe dik moet ‘n staal muur wees om dieselfde insulasie as ‘n 10 cm baksteen te bied? Answ / Antw: 1.5 m 4.17 On a chilly 10ºC fall day a house, 20ºC inside, loses 6 kW by heat transfer. What transfer happens on a 30ºC warm summer day assuming everything else is the same? 4.17 Op ‘n koue herfsdag van 10ºC verloor ‘n huis met interne temperatuur van 20ºC 6 kW hitte. Hoeveel hitte-oordrag is daar op ‘n 30ºC somers- dag? Aanvaar dat alle ander fasette dieselfde bly. Answ / Antw: 6 kW into the house / in die huis in. 4.34 Saturated water vapor at 200 kPa is in a constant pressure piston cylinder. At this state the piston is 0.1 m from the cylinder bottom and cylinder area is 0.25 m 2 . The temperature is then changed to 200 o
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RelativeResourceManager - MTX 221 2010 Chapter 4...

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