Perception and individual decision making chap4

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Unformatted text preview: l control of the individual • Externally – resulting from outside causes Determinants of Attribution 1. 2. 3. Distinctiveness – whether an individual displays different behaviors in different situations Consensus – if everyone who faces a similar situation responds in the same way Consistency – does the person respond the same way over time Attribution Errors Fundamental Attribution Error – when we make judgments about the behavior of others, we tend to underestimate external influence and overestimate internal influence Self­serving Bias – we tend to attribute our own success to internal factors and put the blame for failure on external factors Shortcuts used in Judging Others Selective Perception – a characteristic that makes someone stand out in our mind will increase the probability that it will be perceived Halo Effect – drawing a general impression based on a single characteristic Contrast Effects – our reaction is influenced by others we have recently encountered Projection – the tendency to attribute our own characteristics to other people Stereotyping – judging someone on the basis of our perception of the group to which they belong Link between Perception and...
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