Perception and individual decision making chap4

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Unformatted text preview: escalation of commitment Gender – Females are more likely to carefully consider problems and choices but also overanalyze and rehash the decision once it is made Organizational Constraints Performance Evaluation Reward Systems Formal Regulations System­Imposed Time Constraints Historical Precedents Cultural Differences Culture of decision maker influences: • • • Time orientation Importance of rationality Belief in the ability of people to solve problems • Preference for collective decision making Criteria used in making ethical choices 1. 2. 3. Utilitarian – provide the greatest good for the greatest number Rights focus – make decisions consistent with fundamental liberties and privileges Justice focus – impose and enforce rules fairly and impartially so that there is equal distribution of benefits and costs Implications for Managers To influence productivity, assess workers perceptions of their jobs To improve decision making: • • • • Analyze the situation Be aware of biases and minimize their impact Combine rational analysis wi...
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