EESA10H3S Assingment 1 - 1A A) Asbestos Asbestos are...

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1AA) Asbestos Asbestos are commonly used in our life, such as constructing, shipbuilding, and strengthening products and structures. The chemical nature and crystalline structure of asbestos impart a number of desirable characteristics, including high tensile strength, durability, flexibility and heat and chemical resistance; these properties make the mineral useful for a large number of applications, particularly in construction materials, such as pipe, electrical and thermal insulation and friction products, such as brake linings . But all forms of asbestos are considered to be carcinogenic and there are links between it and diseases like asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. I agree of using asbestos since it is a real good resource for constructions. More over, today there are comprehensive municipal, provincial and federal regulations in place to reduce exposure to asbestos fibers, particularly in workplaces and public buildings, and in consumer products. If the products are in good condition, the risk from exposure is low for building occupants. Reference from : Suta, B.E. and Levine, R.J. Non-occupational asbestos emissions and  exposure. In: Asbestos. Properties, applications and hazards. Vol. 1. L. Micheals and S.S. Chissick  B) DDT DDT is used for killing many kinds of bugs. And it has been used as an insecticide in agriculture and to combat insect vectors of diseases such as malaria and typhus.But it is harmful to all kinds of creatures, especially birds. DDT effects the egg shell on birds, so less and less young produced. Therefore, DDT eventually effects the food chain. I do agree to use DDT, because it stops the death from malaria in Africa countries. Humans get malaria humans get malaria from the bite of a malaria-infected mosquito. DDT helps people to kill these mosquitoes.
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EESA10H3S Assingment 1 - 1A A) Asbestos Asbestos are...

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