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CCF03312010_00001 (3) - a v;l.w.w Liam...

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Unformatted text preview: a- v;l.w.'.w'., Liam ; —-_:—:-:-43Whrchgfthsfouowmgisamm ;¢H2m'-¢a:"‘l”*“-‘ wen W 7 ”51’ ’Pharmaceuticals - My: “Gm Wm {W—vfiv 13W Mi 3 H "Wit-W 7' , Mb: .Personalcare roducts 9 MN MWW‘fifi’“ 7 ' c-~ _ Cleaners “ MARWM" “r d- Aandc @ All of the above 14- Which of the following would you expect to have the highest concentration of pharmaceuticals? _ a- drinking water b- groundwater -. surface water bi) municipal sewage 6- tap water il‘ 15- Most produced lead is used for". - an additive in paint ‘ uroduction of car batteries c- cable sheathing d- ammunition e- electronic devices 16- Individuals with calcium deficiency will absorb lead more readily than non-calcium- ' deficient people: @ True c- Need more information i 7 17- 150 um/dL would be a fatal lead blood concentration. A lower concentration causes intellectual deficit in 5 year old children, which would be the range at which these effects would take place? a- 1-5 pm Pb/dL 5-25 pm Pb/dL 0- 30-60 pm Pb/dL d- 60-90 um Pb/dL e- 100-120 um Pb/dL ' ' ‘ ’ 18- Which ofthe following statements about lead is not true? / a- absorption rate of lead by the bones is accelerated during pregnancy 3? "i b- lead exposure of pregnant woman-can lead to birth weight reduction i lead is cleans I. n , 1.3-3" 1 Ike‘- 2 aga—the—fime—o-Emsme— _, .i._ ...
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