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CCF03312010_00001 (5) - h.PEbanization Na c‘ increased...

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Unformatted text preview: h: .PEbanization Na: ,, __ c‘- increased water scarcity ‘ -' a and c '1-—-' ' _ 27- Which of the following is a possible measure to mitigate the effects of population growth 7 i on human health? _ a- birth rate reduction b- protection and preservation of biodiversity c- public awareness and education ~‘Q3\V\4%“)'Q‘*‘ \Nw-L kl“ VIN ire-r x“ d:\ a and b l g (it) all of the above 4‘ a “Y Ado” (find; L ' ct effect of climate change on human health? vector-home infectious disease Mdvtcti b- alterations in water quality and quantity 1M curse {It - changes in the‘produc ‘vity of the agroecosystems Mum; (J é; temperature change u“ e- none of the above 30- Loss of species is assumed to be the worst assault on ecosystems mainly because: a— it is unethical . it is irreversible/ I c~ it eads to adverse c in reactions ‘2‘ d- aandb V¢W\u~\gm§ e- aandc ‘ ' ' 31- Which ofthe following 15a factor con ' ' a— ozone depletion b- acid rain introduction of exotic Species n, specr have developed chemicals to fight diseases and predators: 4 I t' J ...
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