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CCF03312010_00001 (16) - 984 Significant reduction in...

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Unformatted text preview: 984 Significant reduction in water-home diseases occurred during the 19‘h and 20‘“ century mainly because of: V/ ”a. the establishment and implementing of drinking water treatment b. the mastering of vaccination procedures (2.. the monitoring by WHO of drinking water quality in developing countries ' _; a and c ‘u ' all of the above / 99- Which is @about children’s developmental systems? a. they grow rapidly’l’ . ’19; they are easily disruptedT f? in utero children are l s vulnerable than children afier birth Ldi they are very delicateef e. their metabolic pathways are immature]- 100 éccording to chapter 17, health care services damage the environment. true . false . c. this chapter does not discuss this issue. ...
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