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Unformatted text preview: . e4“.trgamnal—Exammgmm‘g--Ae-»--A- ‘fLwT'Hypfithyroidism is Shear the adverse health effects c Lil—:5 . , , . , statement about it is true? .; ' ' ' a- it is an example of fetal vulnerability to endocrine disruptors ? z , ,, 7 * ' ’ b- it affects the kidneys of both adult and children c- it afi‘ects the central nervous system d- a and b ‘ .aandc 2- Why will there remain unidentified compounds leading to body burden? a- because they are contained in fatty tissues b- because 1000 new chemicals are released every year @ because they cannot be identified unless there its chemical signature is recorded in a reference database d- because some have chronic efi‘ects e- all of the above except for a' aused byendocrine disruptors. Which . 3- Why is identifying causes of cancer important? 21- because it can allow for the establishment of protective regulations b- it can help individuals adopt healthier lifestyles c- it can allow for more accurate environmental exposure assessments - a and b Ce} all of the above 7) «WV *9 4- (1) Smog is a #aseous substance ; (2) Smog gives a yellow or brown haze a: (l) is true, (2) is a se Q9 (1) is false, (2) is true c- (l) is true, (2) is true d— (l) is false, (2) is false 5- The tragedy which occurred in London in 1952 caused by smog enhanced the establishment o .egulations related to air pollution; which of the following are amongst these regulations: 1956 Clean Air Act - b- Ban of smoking in public centers‘i c- Ban of use of coal for domestic heating d— a and c M e- All of the above 6- How long do winds take approximately to disperse pollutants worldwide in the gafiteney witgflfllsed to — recalcwagéoggdgapggm orldwide in student use only. ...
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