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Disappearing Males Sperm count worldwide have been cut in half in the past 50 years Rate of testicular cancer have doubled Why? Manmade chemicals are to be blamed, interfere with male sexual development These chemicals are everywhere (problem) 50 years new chemicals have been produced (over 90,000) Chemicals found everywhere. Chemicals that make cosmetics smell fresh, computers fame resistant, plastic hard Common chemicals are causing profound growing problems Some synthetic chemicals affect males more. Sperm count has fallen dramatically. Half the count of his father. This causes huge problems for infertility. 1) Volume 2)speed 3)morphology Sexual organs of male alligators are a third of what they used to be. Pesticides have the ability to develop the testes. Less testosterone and smaller penises The testes is part of the male endocrine system. Releases testosterone. Some chemicals can block the growth of testosterone.
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Unformatted text preview: Those most threatened by chemicals are not adults, but rather children and worse still to the unborn child. Fetus has very few defenses to such chemicals. The wound (placenta) provides no protection for chemicals. Breast milk also exposes child to more contaminants. Male fetuses are being miscarried more than female. Aamjinam example for early male extinction Since 1970 3 million fewer baby boys Synthetic chemicals – found in computers, water you drink, things you eat. Its everywhere and its accumulating quickly Petroleum causes pretty much all male reproductive problems. Petrochemicals used in cosmetics children toys packaging. Phalite?! Falite? Thalite?! In toys and personal care items DEHB (type of thalide?!) Polycarbonate – hard rigid plastic DVDS to baby bottles (most used plastic) BPA used in hormone control when found out that it has the same effects as estrogen....
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Disappearing Males_movie2 - Those most threatened by...

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