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Lecture 6- Radiation and Electromagnetic Hazards

Lecture 6- Radiation and Electromagnetic Hazards -...

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Lecture 6 -Radiation and Human Health Background radiation: natural radiation in the earth and by cosmic rays – cannot be controlled Manmade radiation: electronic products Ionized radiation: has a huge negative impact on human health. High energy, able to break the bonds of chemical compounds in our body and produce different anions Non-ionized radiation Stochastic health effects The chance that this may cause cancer increases with the dose of exposure Radiation will interrupt the multiplication of cell growth: they will start growing
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Unformatted text preview: uncontrollably, this will happen in the cell. Change in DNA : mutations two types: teratogenic (when mother is exposed and then child is but the childs children will not) and genetic ( passed from parent to child) Non-stochastic health effects Short term high level exposure like accidents etc. increase levels of radiation makes effects more severe What part of the body is the most sensitive? High sensitivity lung, breast, stomach, colon...
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