Essay-Murat - By Murat Mustapaev. My life: yesterday, today...

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By Murat Mustapaev. My life: yesterday, today and tomorrow. I came into the world on a warm, sunny day of May in 1985 in the Nukus city of the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Karakalpakstan, which is located in the Central Asia among the desert Kyzyl-Kum. My grandmother gave me the name Murat, which has the meaning “wish, desire”. By that time I had already had a 2-year old sister as well and my parents were planning another little brother for me. Until my 3 years old we lived in my grandmother`s house with my 3 uncles and 5 aunts. After that, my family of 5 people, which consisted from my dad, my mom, my sister and my younger brother moved to another house in the central part of Nukus city. In that house I had been living for almost 20 years, where my unforgettable childhood passed. At the age of 7 I started going to the secondary school in Kegeyli city, a small town near Nukus city. I went there for the first time with my mom and I was very excited as it was something unknown for me. As I remember from my childhood when I was doing something for the first time my mom was always near me. When I was 13 years old I had my first introduction with English language and my first English language teacher was my own mom. I got interested in learning English language, because it was unusual and different what I heard every day from other people. And recognizing that I was learning something that my friends don`t know about made me feel the happiest boy in the world. I never had problems with my classes at school and was one of the best among my classmates. I was interested in everything: in mathematics,
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Essay-Murat - By Murat Mustapaev. My life: yesterday, today...

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