PS7 - BIOAP 458, 2011 Name: Raw Score:_/81 PROBLEM SET 7...

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BIOAP 458, 2011 Prof. Beyenbach Name: Raw Score:______/81 PROBLEM SET 7 Epithelial Transport (and Fluid Compartments) Percentile Score: (7.5% of final grade) 1) (12 pts.) A 50 kg individual with a plasma Na + of 145 mM is infused with 5 g/kg of mannitol (mannitol: 182g/mol) to reduce brain swelling after a stroke. After equilibration, estimate the following, assuming mannitol is restricted to the extracellular fluid compartment, no excretion occurs, and the infusion volume of the mannitol solution is negligible (total body water unchanged). Before mannitol After mannitol Total body water (liter) Extracellular osmotic pressure (mOsm) Intracellular fluid volume (liter) Extracellular fluid volume (liter) Total body osmoles (milli-osmoles) Intracellular osmoles (milli-osmoles) Extracellular osmoles (milli-osmoles)
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2) (12 pts.) Determine the molarity and osmolarity of a 1 L solution containing the following solutes: mM = milli-moles per liter; mOsm = milli-osmoles/liter H 2 0 Molarity (mM) Osmolarity (mOsm) 9 g NaCl 72 g glucose 22.2g CaCl 2 3 g urea 8.4 g Na HCO 3 3) (13 pts.) UNICEF distributes more than 500 million packets of ORS worldwide each year. ORS is oral rehydration solution.
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PS7 - BIOAP 458, 2011 Name: Raw Score:_/81 PROBLEM SET 7...

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