Chi-Squared Distributions

Chi-Squared Distributions - CHI-SQUARED DISTRIBUTIONS What...

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Unformatted text preview: CHI-SQUARED DISTRIBUTIONS What is a chi-squared distribution? We have previously discussed the Standard Normal curve and the associated distribution. Z was the term for the standard normal random variable. How is distributed? The answer is a chi-squared distribution. The importance of the Chi-square distribution stems from the fact that it describes the distribution of the Variance of a sample taken from a Normal distributed population. The chi-squared distribution arises frequently in applications because of its close association with the normal distribution. The test is used for nominal data (two nominal variables V see a separate post on more explanation of nominal data) that are independent. All events in the table should be independent. This means that no two frequencies can be based on the same individual. Unlike the normal and t-distributions, the q2-distribution is not symmetric. Like the t-distribution, the q2-distribution consists of a whole family of distributions distinguished by a single whole number...
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Chi-Squared Distributions - CHI-SQUARED DISTRIBUTIONS What...

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