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RLST exam 3 final paper

RLST exam 3 final paper - Kim 1 Chung Kim SID#860884363...

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Kim 1 Chung Kim SID#860884363 RLST 005 Exam#3 Professor Nyitray What is Right Action? Humanity has long been searching for enlightenment, peace and eternal life . There are numerous religions that are practiced daily which claim that it provides these three elements . These elements are the basic structural component in religion. There are differences in these religions, such as one religion focus more on enlightenment like Jainism or emphasizes peace like Sikhism or embraces eternal life like Confucianism. However, their basic elements are very similar . It comes down to right action. Right actions are very simply how one conducts their self righteously when no one is watching and when everyone is watching. This concept of the right actions presents guidance and path to each religion’s truth . It is the person’s ethical code. It is how one measures up when compared to others . By these right actions, some people judge the others who they are. People can also define who they are by the actions they are taking in this world. Therefore, the right action is taken heavily by people in this world. It is common in religions to believe that in order to obtain the greatest treasure or standing in the religion one must perform the right actions every day of your life . Also by these actions, their afterlife has been determined. While this is a good rule of thumb for living your
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Kim 2 life, it is impossible to be able to do all things correctly your entire life . Each religion has consequences when right actions are not the individual’s top priority . Jainism is practiced by approximately 2-7% of the population in India . That figures out to be more than five million followers . This religion defines right action by their religious focus. This is by being responsible for the majority of the charitable and public service work . The Jains are diverse in the fact that they will work with secular agencies to further their cause . When ‘their cause’ is used, it is the secular groups cause, not their religious cause
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RLST exam 3 final paper - Kim 1 Chung Kim SID#860884363...

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