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RLST 005 review II F10

RLST 005 review II F10 - V-L Nyitray TAs Casey Emmett...

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V.-L. Nyitray RLST 005/H TAs Casey, Emmett, Khurana, Pschaida, Solso Fall 2010 Review Questions II Learning is a treasure that needs no safeguard; Nowhere can fire destroy it or proud kings take it .... Other things are not true wealth. - The Quatrains , a Jaina text Jainism Who was Mahavira? What differentiates Jain cosmology and ultimate religious goals from Vedic views? What responses did Jainism offer to Vedic views of human society and the workings of karma? What are Jainism's principal contributions to Indian culture and civilization? Terms: Tirthankara , jiva , nirvana, ahimsa Archaic Buddhism and basic Theravada Buddhism Who was the founder of the tradition?
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