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Unformatted text preview: Jainism Alternative to Vedic worldview Founder(s) of Jainism • 24 Jinas (conquerors) or Tirthankaras • 9th-6th c. BCE • last = Mahavira (Great Hero) • 599-527? BCE • at 30, ascetic practice • enlightened at 42 religious goals • ultimate = escape samsara, achieve nirvana (moksha) • asceticism necessary to advance spiritually • Three Jewels of faith, knowledge, conduct • vows (vrata), including • ahimsa - non-violence • satya - truthfulness • dana - charity Jain innovations • • • • • • eternally individual soul, jiva intentionality affects karma ahimsa (non-injury) more nuanced view of action lay reverence (“worship”) of Tirthankaras community structure: monastic and lay, not varna-based Cosmology nirvana = eternal, omniscient bliss also called moksha Jainism today • 5+ million Jains today, most in India • are responsible for much charitable and public service work • have traditionally supported secular educational institutions, furthered scientific understanding of the natural world • have produced and disseminated moral literature in the vernacular • maintain emphasis on ahimsa, non-injury ...
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